Vermont is my favorite place to live and to photograph. My hand-coloring highlights the special place that is Vermont.
Though I have spent half my life living in Vermont, I still feel like a city kid discovering Vermont for the first time whenever I walk out my door with my camera. I appreciate the quiet beauty of the slowly changing seasons. Fall is my favorite time. The earth shuts down bit by bit. Leaves fall, birds head south and animals scurry to prepare for the long winter. I love the quiet and the sound of distant crows warning us to get ready. Then more silence and then another leaf falls from a tree and an animal rustles in the weeds. No matter what is going on in the world, the cycle repeats itself. It seems so simple and so perfect. This set of painterly photographs I hope captures the peace and simplicity of a Vermont fall and I hope will further an appreciation of the abundance around us if we listen closely enough to what the animals and land is telling us.

This portfolio concentrates on the wonderful road culture that grow up before the interstate highways were constructed. Funky motels with neon signs, old gas stations, and mom and pop eateries.

Hand-tinted photographs of pastoral views and pastoral buildings
I went to Cuba in December 2014 right before President Obama made his historic announcement about his intention of resuming U.S. relations with Cuba.  After hearing the announcement, I knew I wanted to return to Cuba as soon as possible.  My fear was Cuba would change rapidly.  Right now, it is caught in a time capsule, where large heavy 50's cars rule the road; the buildings are charming and ornate and the island is slow paced.

June 2013

I am very excited to introduce my digital photography.  As many of you know, I love to hand-color my black and white photographs and I will continue to do that until the last piece of compatible photography paper is used; I have a limited time left to hand-color my work because I am running out of paper.  Forte paper was discontinued in 2004.  I bought up all I could in 2004 and I believe I have a four year supply of paper left.  I have tried many, many other papers hoping to find one that takes the oil paint as well as the Forte paper does, but as of now I have yet to find one.  Looking ahead to 2017 or 2018 I have decided to try shooting digitally and having the photographs printed professionally by Cone Editions, whcih uses only archival eco-friendly inks and paper.  Enjoy!

These images are of ancient Armenian ruins in what is now eastern Turkey.   While the structures are slowly crumbling, I believe I could the spirit of each structure. (More photos to come).  Edition size for each photograph is 15. The photographs are printed professionally by Cone Editions, which uses only archival eco-friendly inks and paper.
Photographs of the beach and ocean, the Cape and Vermont swimming holes.

My flower photographs are almost entirely shot with black and white infrared film. I find the inner glow of the flowers is more apparent with this type of film. Then I hand-color them as I always do.

France has so much history to convey. I love the sculpted gardens, the historical buildings and the light. Paris is beautiful no matter what time a year it is.
I have always loved the roadside cottages and I try to always stay in one while I am on Cape Cod. I love the efficient use of space--tiny kitchens, bathrooms you can barely turn around in and the well worn mattress that sinks in the middle of the bed.
Photographs of Tuscany