Christine Temin - The Boston Globe:  "Victoria Blewer's small, elegiac hand-colored photo-graphs of landscapes rely on repetition, whether it's rows of trees beside a canal, rows of identical beach cottages, or the pickets in "The Frontier Beyond the Picket Fence," which is made up of four horizontals: tangy green grass, white fence, yellow field, blue sky. A simple and eloquent statement about borders and the taming of America's Great Plains, it reminded me of Isamu Noguchi's similar message, similarly spare, in his set design for Martha Graham's 'Appalachian Spring.


'" Marc Awodey - SEVEN DAYS: "Blewer's repertoire of classical compositions, tranquil hues and an astute intermingling of nostalgia for 'then' and the presence of 'now' is what gives these works their timelessness. Several themes emerge in this exhibit: the sparse floral pieces; expansive mountain vistas; steeply converging lines of linear perspective; and conversely, broad horizons populated by small architectural details. Blewer relies on just a few structural variations and keeps her pale blue, mauve, pink, misty green and flaxen yellow tonalities consistent throughout. Within these design parameters she creates colored photographs of exacting craftsmanship."